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Pete Cap peteoutside at
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I have been using the WildList as a data source for this.
Bruce Hughes of WildList recently released a white paper on this...if I can find the URL I'll let you know.
Meanwhile I have been structuring the data in the WildList, eliminating multiple entries, etc.

I have got 2003 done.  I want to go back as far as possible...I am pretty sure there will be a correlation between the operating systems and software enjoying popularity and the kinds of malware out there, since it is typically parasitic in nature (we wouldn't have win32 worms without win32).
Anyway, if you want I can send you the's in comma-delimited format, ascii text.
Richard Roy <Richard.Roy at> wrote:
I would be interrested in similar data, such as the number of known
virii in the wild, perhaps ordered by what they infect, and how they are
I am interrested in the methods of infection particularly

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Greetings all,

I have been tasked with analysing historical trends in
malware--discovery rates, longevity, pervasiveness, payload, etc.--and
it occurs to me that a similar analysis might be conducted on system
compromises...e.g. time and date of compromise, source attributes,
target attributes, what was done, and so forth.

Does anyone know if such data exist? If so, where?


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