[Dshield] SPF

Hanke Penning hanke.penning at iap.de
Mon Jan 26 13:30:08 GMT 2004

Am 25 Jan 2004 schrieb John Hardin zum Thema Re: [Dshield] Raynote appealing for ISP commonsen:

Hello out there!

> I believe what you are hoping to achieve is underway already in the form
> of "Sender Permitted From" (see http://spf.pobox.com/)
> However, for SPF to be completely effective by itself, all domains you
> wish to receive mail from must participate, and that will likely never
> happen.

AOL is starting to implement SPF. See 
(in german language)

I'm interesting in using it. Anyone any experience with SPF?

		Hanke Penning

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