[Dshield] DNS DOS attempt. need a bit of help

Stephane Grobety security at admin.fulgan.com
Tue Jan 27 09:45:28 GMT 2004

Thanks to Tonni and everyone who answered. I have filled a complain at
this ISP and another one that also have a machine trying to DOS me
(kabelfoon.nl). So far, I only got an automatic answer from home.nl
and I don't have my hopes high on that issue.

The pattern is really strange: it looks like the attack are coming
from a single machine that moves from network to network: it always
come from a .nl IP, I am never attacked by more than a single IP at
the same time and the attack stops for several hours sometimes. This
makes me thing the source is a single laptop that is being moved from
home to work and reverse.

I've also notified my ISP (actually I did it last week) but they
haven't acted on it yet. I'll give them another call today and try to
shake them up. The attacked machine is a physically hosted server for
which we're paying about 500$ a month plus BW: for that price I expect
more than just a distracted "we'll see what we can do"...

Thank you again,

Monday, January 26, 2004, 11:58:22 PM, you wrote:

>> The attacker is wich is a DSL address in home.nl. My
>> main problem is that I'm strictly unable to read their web page in
>> order to find neither their phone number nor their abuse address.
>> Could someone who understand the language give me a hand there ?

TE> Home doesn't give a contact telephone number, just a Dutch internal 0900
TE> (pay - not much) number for the helpdesk 0900-4440079. It's based in the
TE> north of the Netherlands, in Groningen. Gives a postal address, but I
TE> don't suppose you want that ;)

TE> Complaints:

TE> Essent Kabelcom
TE> Afdeling @Home
TE> t.a.v. Klachtenafdeling
TE> Postbus 9501
TE> 9703 LM Groningen

TE> You're advised to send an e-mail to abuse at home.nl in the eventuality you
TE> wish to complain of misuse. I took the liberty of forwarding this
TE> posting to abuse, and suggest that you send a separate e-mail with your
TE> complaint.

TE> Best,

TE> --Tonni

Best regards,
 Stephane                            mailto:security at admin.fulgan.com

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