[Dshield] Some info on mydoom virus

John John at safetysignsinc.com
Tue Jan 27 16:59:37 GMT 2004

I have seen quite a few versions of this one just today.
I did a google search and found a site that seems to have some good info
on it.
A couple of exerpts.
MessageLabs reports that the e-mail to virus ratio for MyDoom has hit
1-in-12 e-mails, surpassing the SoBig.F virus which peaked and 1-in-17
e-mails. "[We have stopped] more than 1.2 million copies of MyDoom so
far and as the U.S. comes online, we expect this number to grow
considerably," according to a MessageLabs spokesperson.

The DDoS attack is programmed to start Feb. 1 and has a trigger date to
stop spreading on Feb. 12.

Just thought I'd share

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