[Dshield] WAP location via MAC

Johnson, April apjohnson at seattleschools.org
Tue Jan 27 17:00:34 GMT 2004

I'm on a search and destroy mission for unregistered Wireless Access
Points.  However, I'm trying something locally that has turned into
something of a major hassle.  

At present, I inventory all 400+ switches, dump the MAC address tables,
and then search for 'known' Wireless Access Point MAC ranges.  Once I
have this information, if the WAP isn't properly registered, I can shut
down the offending switch port or send someone on-site to investigate.

But I'm no Perl expert - I'm doing this with Ciscoworks and Excel.
Has anyone done this on a more automatic basis - complete with perhaps a
link to a site that tracks WAP MAC addresses?

My budget is almost NILL, so I'm not really looking for a commercial
product... Unless it's insanely cheap.


April Johnson (CISSP, CCNP, SCSA)
Network Operations - Security

"Give a kid a fish, and he eats for a day.  Teach a kid to fish, and he
eats for a lifetime."

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