[Dshield] Virus emails

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Wed Jan 28 16:35:56 GMT 2004

Be careful firewalling by IP to stop these viruses. Since the virus 
emails to people in your Outlook address book, the computers that are 
sending these to you more than likely are from people you know (that is, 
people that have you in their address book). Which is one of the things 
that makes that nastly little attachment seem a little more harmless 
despite years of "don't open attachments on pain of surgical removal of 
clicking finger" warnings, because occasionally it looks like someone 
you know is sending you stuff.
	Anyway, I know most of the infected emails I was getting were from an 
off-site coworker who although happy that I helped her clean her 
computer up would have been particularly peeved if she couldn't send 
email to those of us in the office.


Doug White wrote:

> I am firewalling by IP number -  This would be too much work for a very large
> traffic server, I think, but with the relatively few Source IP numbers I am
> getting, I just add them to the firewall as they start showing up.  This is
> since each infected machine pumps repeated messages.
> This has not stopped all of them, but it is stopping a lot of them for me.
> Your mileage may vary.

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