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Shane Castle [AIX] swcxt at co.boulder.co.us
Wed Jan 28 17:13:55 GMT 2004

Tonni's referring to RFC2821, which (supposedly) obsoletes RFC821.
I don't know why she (assumed; if incorrect I apologize) doesn't also
refer the reader to RFC822, which is where all the headers originally
defined for email transport were defined; additional RFCs have added
significantly to the header list, notably the MIME-related RFCs.
Knowing all these RFCs is necessary before making any statements relating
headers to SMTP/ESMTP conversations.  But in general, the original poster
is correct: No headers are required for successful SMTP email delivery.
Of the Received: header, RFC822 says:

        A copy of this field is added by each transport  service  that
        relays the message.  The information in the field can be quite
        useful for tracing transport problems.

There is no "must" in this paragraph.  I don't know if a later RFC
forces it.  But RFC (non)compliance has never stopped anyone, including
Microsoft, from producing software that is almost completely RFC-ignorant.

Shane Castle
Boulder County Info Svcs
Boulder CO USA

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Betsy Horn wrote (without attributing the quoted

>>>Read, mark and learn *every word* of rfc[2]821 before believing in
>>>religion ("that philosophical, that others would graft into you").
>>>"Every man's a liar, until he's proved that he is not" (ISO 17799).
>Are you referring to the August 1982 version of RFC 821, or is there
>something newer?

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