[Dshield] MyDoom/NoVarg DoS details

John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Wed Jan 28 16:24:54 GMT 2004


On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 09:09:25AM -0500, Johannes B. Ullrich wrote:
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> If you happen to run iptables, you could even rate limit traffic to
> sco.com, or trigger based on number of requests, so you don't
> prevent random users from going to sco.com to sign up for their
> Linux licenses.

Yeah, SCO's Linux licenses!

There's been a stampede to sign up:


"...SCO's press release blowing their own horn is here. I see no linux
license sales except the usual suspects, Sun and Microsoft:

"Fourth quarter revenue from UNIX products and services was $14.0
million. In addition, revenue generated from the Company's SCOsource
licensing initiative was $10.3 million, which was derived from
licensing agreements reached with Microsoft Corporation and Sun
Microsystems, Inc. earlier in fiscal 2003..."

SCO, Sun, and Micro$oft.

Interesting bedfellows, eh?

- John
"Mad cow? You'd be mad too, if someone was trying to eat you."

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