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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed Jan 28 23:30:45 GMT 2004

ons, 28.01.2004 kl. 18.13 skrev Shane Castle [AIX]:
> Tonni's referring to RFC2821, which (supposedly) obsoletes RFC821.
> I don't know why she (assumed; if incorrect I apologize)

Doesn't matter one way or the other. I'm bald headed.

>  doesn't also
> refer the reader to RFC822, which is where all the headers originally
> defined for email transport were defined;

rfc2822 is a bit heavy reading. It defines the *syntax* for headers;
rfc2821 defines what a header *is*.

/It is not possible to receive an smtp e-mail message without it having
a header/; sorry ;)

An e-mail message consists of a header and a body. A header consists of
*fields*. Headers and fields are defined in rfc2821.

>  additional RFCs have added
> significantly to the header list, notably the MIME-related RFCs.

Should read: "Additional rfcs have added significantly to the
possibilities in header field type and content".

> Knowing all these RFCs is necessary before making any statements relating
> headers to SMTP/ESMTP conversations.

No, knowing what a header *is*, etc.

>   But in general, the original poster
> is correct:

No he isn't. It is not possible to receive any smtp message without it
having a header (just think about it).

Moreover, OP's example as given is blatantly wrong and could not occur
in practice (my Postfix 2.0 and Exim 4 MTAs would give OP a right smack
in the eye - no joke. Postfix is the most ill-mannered in this respect).




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