[Dshield] MyDoom/NoVarg DoS details

Lew Wolfgang wolfgang at sweet-haven.com
Thu Jan 29 00:48:46 GMT 2004

Bjorn Stromberg wrote:
> I'm wondering if the SCO DDoS part isn't just some tomfoolery on the part of
> the virus writer. It certainly did catch the attention of the media. It's
> funny that SCO is offering such a huge reward when their financial outlook
> is rather bleak.
> Who's got the earliest timestamp on the virus? Give sending IP and Time
> (Universal Time please).
> I'll go first:
> IP:
> Date: 2004-01-27 04:59:09 UT

I've got:

Date:  2004-01-26 2050 GMT

Lew Wolfgang

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