[Dshield] MyDoom/NoVarg DoS details

Zach Smith zach at zcsmith.com
Thu Jan 29 04:48:58 GMT 2004

Lew Wolfgang wrote:

> Bjorn Stromberg wrote:
>> I'm wondering if the SCO DDoS part isn't just some tomfoolery on the 
>> part of
>> the virus writer. It certainly did catch the attention of the media. 
>> It's
>> funny that SCO is offering such a huge reward when their financial 
>> outlook
>> is rather bleak.

Being the Linux (and Windows) fan that I am, I've tried to keep up with 
the SCO fiasco if for no other reason than morbid curiosity (like 
watching someone cut their own head off).  Although I certainly have no 
proof of this and it's just an opinion, it wouldn't surprise me in the 
least that SCO was behind the virus, directly or indirectly.  Look at 
all the "awwww, isn't that a shame" publicity they've been getting in 
the press and while this "conspiracy theory" may be reaching, it is 
right in line with the [ridiculous] arguments SCO has been making that 
IBM and Linux stole their code.  SCO has managed to keep themselves in 
the news for almost a year and as such, inflate their stock which is now 
almost 15 times what it was valued before their snipe hunt began last 
March.  This virii's timing is pretty coincidental considering SCO is 
due back in court within the next week or two to provide documentation 
that shows what code of theirs is in Linux.


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