[Dshield] Secure Data Removal

Maarten dshield.org at plekje.net
Fri Jun 4 14:33:57 GMT 2004

Because of residual traces of magnetism. These can be used to recreate the 
old data. The same happesn when you tape a piece of music and overwite it 
with a new piece of music. Very softly the old music may be heard (unless 
you tape heavy metal the second time ;-).

The NSA has come up with a method to whipe magnetic media clean and consist 
of overwriting the content with 7 different sets of 'data' before the tape 
is considered to be erased (safely). 

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Subject: [Dshield] Secure Data Removal

> Hi, 
> A while ago there was a small topic about secure data
> removal on this list. I remember that overwriting an
> entire hard drive with O's would erase it completely
> in a FAST way but NOT a SECURE way. I was wondering
> now how one could be able to retrieve data from a hard
> drive that has been completely overwritten with 0's?
> Or is my assumption wrong?
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