[Dshield] Secure Data Removal

Richard Porter rwporter at comcast.net
Fri Jun 4 18:00:42 GMT 2004

>>  I was wondering
>> now how one could be able to retrieve data from a hard
>> drive that has been completely overwritten with 0's?
>> Or is my assumption wrong?
> IMHO, there is a lot of myths about secure vs. insecure
> data removal. If you overwrite a disk with 0's once, the
> data is gone for all practical purposes. Recovery (if
> possible at all) would require the disassembly of the disk
> and reading the data with specialized hardware.
> In particular if you overwrote the data by mistake and
> need to get it back ;-).
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If you have to recover the data there are companies that specialize in
recovery.  If the drive was only overwritten once you should be able to
recover. That is why DoD standard is 3 passes for unclassified and 7 passes
for secret.

I have personal experience with this company and they are fast.


Richard Porter

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