[Dshield] Overwriting files for secure erasure of files.

David B. Bukowski davebb at weather.cod.edu
Mon Jun 7 03:19:05 GMT 2004

I forgot what the program is called but one of my coworkers has a program
on a DOS boot floppy that we use for our servers that writes all binary
0's to the hard disk (each sector and cylinder and head).  wondering how
effective this is for preventing data recovery but its good for preparing
a disk for use on a new system.

On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Ed Corlin wrote:

I realize that there is no absolutely fool proof
method of erasing data on a hard drive.  A company
called IOLO software markets a product called "SYSTEM
MECHANIC" which comes as close as practical.  

One of the components called "INCINERATOR" writes over
the top of the file up to 10 times. While 10 times may
not be absolutely perfect it gives enough tracking
variation to erase the edges of data and make recovery
virtually impossible.  

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