[Dshield] Gateway reset

Delrontroy delrontroy at lineone.net
Mon Jun 7 08:40:14 GMT 2004

is that the read/write string, if so then yes, easily
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> Hello everyone,
> This morning, we've had a strange problem with one of our externally
> hosted setups.
> It's a server rack that is located in a secure facility. It's
> connected to Internet via a SDSL line, served by a Zyxel router
> managed by the ISP that is renting us the line.
> This morning, without any intervention from anyone within my company
> or at the ISP, the router apparently lost it's default gateway: it was
> reset to 0, and therefore stopped routing packets, causing all users
> of the facility to loose connection, time and patience (I was,
> unfortunately, at the receiving end).
> So, we managed to get the thing working again in about 30 minutes
> (time needed to go to the facility and reset the router's config) but
> I'm wondering how this has happened.
> I talked with the guy that checked the router and he told me that the
> SNMP community name was left to "public". he thinks it was the
> problem. Now, I'm wondering if that was really the case.
> So, here are my questions:
> 1/ Has anyone had experiences with similar issues ?
> 2/ Could the fact that the SNMP community name have lead to "someone"
> reseting the default gateway to ?
> Thanks,
> Stephane
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