[Dshield] Overwriting files for secure erasure of files.

Tod D. Ihde toon at warmerbythelake.com
Mon Jun 7 12:52:59 GMT 2004

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Ed Corlin wrote:

| I realize that there is no absolutely fool proof
| method of erasing data on a hard drive.  A company
| called IOLO software markets a product called "SYSTEM
| MECHANIC" which comes as close as practical.
| One of the components called "INCINERATOR" writes over
| the top of the file up to 10 times. While 10 times may
| not be absolutely perfect it gives enough tracking
| variation to erase the edges of data and make recovery
| virtually impossible.

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Eraser yet! It's GPL, and supports
multiple erasure methods, including the 35-pass method described in
Peter Gutmann's paper "Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and
Solid-State Memory".

In any event, you can find it here.

~ Tod.

ps. short of melting the platers down (or grinding to dust), there
really is no feasible way to completely erase ALL the data - although we
may not have the technology to detect any residual data on the drive
now, we may develop such technology in the future. Who knows? Depends on
how much tinfoil you use in your hats. ;)

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