[Dshield] Commentary on how to deal with infected users who fail to clean up their acts! [Fwd: [NANOG] Even you can be hacked

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Sat Jun 12 15:33:25 GMT 2004

Sean Donelan wrote:
> Does the water company fix your toilet if it leaks water?  Or do you call
> a plumber?
> Every consumer computer has a power switch.  How to stop a virus, turn off
> the power switch and take your computer to a repair shop.
> http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20040609.wispp0609/BNStory/Technology/
>   A few months ago, Mike Bierstock, who runs a tiny property management
>   business in Waterloo, Ont., found his office system had been compromised
>   - either by a virus or hacker, he's not sure - and he was slapped with a
>   terrific bill for the volume of traffic generated by his computer. His
>   access provider forgave some of his initial bills, but did nothing to
>   help him clean his system, so the problem continued. Ultimately the ISP
>   killed his account, hitting him with a bill of $11,000.
> [...]
>   Mr. Liber simply declared bankruptcy. "They knew about the worm way
>   before any billing had accumulated," said Mr. Liber, now senior account
>   executive with iTel Solutions Inc. "They also confirmed that while they
>   knew that there was a worm and that they knew it was not our doing,
>   they [say] the responsibility is ours. Yet only they could have stopped
>   the worm and the massive amount of bandwidth that was flowing through
>   because of this worm."
> Did your computer have a power switch?  Did you turn it off?  Or did you
> continue to let it run up the bill?  Yes, even the complete computer
> novice can stop a computer room.  Turn off your computer.  If you don't
> know how to fix it, take it to a repair store.
> If you leave your lights on, the electric company will send you a bill.
> If you leave your faucets running, the water company will send you a bill.
> If you leave your computer infected, ???

Sorry about the forward, but I thought that this was a very interesting commentary on how to deal with users who fail to clean up their infected computers! More ISPs should adopt the same approach...

Just my $0.02 worth!

Jon Kibler
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