[Dshield] Re: Commentary on how to deal with infected users who fail to clean up their acts!

Thomas Ditmars zarggg at zarggg.net
Sun Jun 13 05:36:46 GMT 2004

On 12 Jun 04 11:33, Jon R. Kibler wrote:

> Sean Donelan wrote:
>> Does the water company fix your toilet if it leaks water?  Or do 
>> you call a plumber?
>> Every consumer computer has a power switch.  How to stop a virus, 
>> turn off the power switch and take your computer to a repair shop.
>> http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20040609.wispp0609/BNStory/Technology/

[ snip text from quoted link ]

>> Did your computer have a power switch?  Did you turn it off?  Or 
>> did you continue to let it run up the bill?  Yes, even the complete
>> computer novice can stop a computer room.  Turn off your computer.
>> If you don't know how to fix it, take it to a repair store.
>> If you leave your lights on, the electric company will send you a 
>> bill. If you leave your faucets running, the water company will 
>> send you a bill. If you leave your computer infected, ???
> Sorry about the forward, but I thought that this was a very 
> interesting commentary on how to deal with users who fail to clean up
> their infected computers! More ISPs should adopt the same
> approach...

The ISP for which I work has a policy of disabling the accounts of users
who are virus/worm-infected -- as well as those of whom we discover are
spamming (we had one of the latter incidents two weeks ago) -- until
they either (A) call us to arrange for the computer to be brought in for
cleaning or (B) clean it themselves. We even have a special dial-up
account they can use to run Housecall or retrieve worm/virus removal tools.
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