[Dshield] Commentary on how to deal with infected users who failto clean up their acts! [Fwd: [NANOG] Even you can be hacked

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Sun Jun 13 14:42:21 GMT 2004

Roger Buck wrote:
> Unfortunately, the analogy is not valid for those of us who are paying
> ISP bills based on metered traffic. It also conveniently overlooks the
> fact that _everyone_ is paying a significant 'tax' for unwanted Internet
> traffic: Especially the unwanted traffic generated by most of the recent
> (12-18 months) Internet worms.

Sounds like it is time for an ISP change! Fortunately, our actual 
office Internet connections are not metered. However, we use several
hosted servers, and they are metered -- but charges are for OUTBOUND
traffic only. There is no charge for incoming traffic (thus, if we 
get DDoSed, it won't effect billing).

I believe that in the original example, the customer was being charged
only for traffic they generated -- thus the reason I thought it was a 
good example.

Jon Kibler
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