[Dshield] New/Old Exploits just posted to Secunia

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| Too bad that the solution is not to disable scripting, as Secunia
| suggests.
| It is still possible to use this vulnerability even with scripting
| disabled in the Internet Zone. You have to lockdown the My Computer
| zone to mitigate against this vulnerability.
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| Thor Larholm
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Thor et al.

In the following US-CERT alert, at address
http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/713878 does the solution advised
("Disable Active scripting and ActiveX" universally, not just internet
zone) protect the user from being exploited by this vulnerability?

III. Solution
Until a complete solution is available, consider the following

Disable Active scripting and ActiveX

Disabling Active scripting and ActiveX controls in the Internet Zone (or
any zone used by an attacker) appears to prevent exploitation of this
vulnerability. Disabling Active scripting and ActiveX controls in the
Local Machine Zone will prevent widely used payload delivery techniques
from functioning.

Thanks in advance for enlightenment.

- Peter

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