[Dshield] How secure IS GoToMyPC?

Andy Stevko andy.stevko at usa.net
Wed Jun 16 23:55:53 GMT 2004

If I recall correctly, GoToMyPC bypasses all the firewalls and security 
by acting like a web browser. It polls a web server for commands, 
executes them, and posts the results back.
I would require an external vendor to have some kind of NDA and bond 
posted just in case the confidential information was exposed or the host 
was hijacked by another user.

Another way to do simple remote control is to use the single session 
Terminal Server built into most late model windows boxes. It can be 
configured to only run an one application and disconnect after that 
application is closed. I'm pretty sure it can be locked down to prevent 
administrator login.
Now how to get to the box from home is another question...
-- Andy Stevko

"If everything is under control, then you are going too slow."
-- Mario Andretti

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