[Dshield] Re: SMTP Failure

Glenn Jarvis gaj at personainternet.com
Mon Jun 21 15:39:38 GMT 2004

Many thanks to all the replies, both on the list and by email. Your 
assistance was greatly appreciated and I now have a new understanding of 
the situation. Since the possibility of DLink not correcting the 
problem, I have now taken one of my old 486 boxes and set it up as a 
mail server. Had to be handy for something. It's not an open relay to 
the world and it can only be accessed via the router sending it's logs 
to it. So, it definately won't be a spambot of any kind. I found 
MercuryMail which I had set up and running in about 10-15 minutes. I 
went into the router web-based configuration screen, entered the IP of 
the 486, and my normal email address as you can see in the from field, 
and forced it to send a manual log. Worked like a charm. The 486 
received it within about a minute, relayed it to my ISP's mailserver a 
moment or two later, and within seconds arrived normally in my inbox. 
Seamless, completely secure and a solid solution.

Thanks again to everyone... :-)

Now I can get my logs sent to Dshield again :-)


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