[Dshield] DHS wants to silence reporting of network outages -- DSHIELD next?

Michael Thayer mthayer at ts-software.com
Thu Jun 24 21:22:47 GMT 2004

A little over the top aren't we?  They have a good point, and the group 
they want to report too would include all those who would need to know 
about them to do their jobs to improve reliability.

At 01:23 PM 6/24/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>The U.S. Department of Homeland Security wants information about network 
>outages to become secret! See:
>         http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/06/24/network_outages/print.html
>What is next in our government's continuing expansion of paranoia?
>   - Will they next try to silence dshield.org and incidents.org's 
> reporting of port scans because it may give terrorists some idea if their 
> scans are being detected?
>   - How about suppressing discussions of security problems on BugTraq, 
> DShield, SANS, SecurityFocus, and other forums because it may give 
> terrorists ideas on what exploits work best?
>Where will it end?
>It really sickens me how our civil liberties are being eroded day by day 
>under the guise of "national security." I would rather be a lot less 
>secure and much more free!
>Maybe we should all have a Fahrenheit 9/11 party?
>End of rant (for now). Apologies to non-US list members.
>Jon Kibler
>Jon R. Kibler
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>A.S.E.T., Inc.
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