[Dshield] DHS wants to silence reporting of network outages -- DSHIELD next?

Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 01:16:41 GMT 2004

Mr. Portz noted that it was a fallacy for
non-technologists to dictate technology policy.  This
is far from the truth--in fact, it is not your
technical expert, typically, who should be called upon
to institute policy.  The FUD and politically-driven
broadsides in this thread are a perfect example of why
(Mr. Portz, for example, would have us believe that
the last thing we need is for the government to force
policy down our throats--and then he suggests that we
REALLY would help would be for SOMEONE to...force
draconian policy upon the ISPs in order to mitigate
DOS attacks.  What entity should bear that
responsibility, I wonder?)

That DHS is somehow eroding our liberties by
attempting to conduct information warfare against
terrorists--as those who would deliberately attempt to
cripple this or any nation's technical infrastructure
must be--is simply not apparent.  With all due
respect, it is, however, apparent that neither Jon
Kibler nor the vast majority of this list understand
or have the requirement to understand DHS's
overarching policy, nor how it would be enacted.

In closing I suggest we try to get away from alarmism,
catchy phrases (however true), buzzwords, and FUD. 
Let's instead wait and see how this is going to play
out before we break spades.

Best regards,


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