[Dshield] OT: AOL Engineer Sells Company's ENTIRE Subscriber Listto Spammer !

John Groseclose iain at caradoc.org
Fri Jun 25 13:55:21 GMT 2004

At 6:44 AM -0700 6/25/04, Mrcorp wrote:
>  John,
>  In many corporations, blackberry services are offered through a 
>service called BES.  This server
>  is a portal to send email out to a blackberry server, where every 
>blackberry customer who uses BES
>  passes through.  When it passes through that server, the email 
>appears to come from a relay
>  server, not the original server.  Such services as postini and 
>Sprint Frontbidge, to name a few,
>  block this as it looks like spam.
>  Hope that helps...
>  Mrcorp

So add an SPF record for the domain in question that approves the BES 
server as an outbound mail relay.

This isn't rocket science.

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