[Dshield] Re: spam from Pac Bell

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Fri Jun 25 15:25:34 GMT 2004

You might try abuse at sbcglobal.net (SBC and PacBell merged some time ago.)

Kenneth Coney wrote:

> I have been getting a lot of spam lately the originating IPs of which 
> resolve to somewhere in the Pacific Bell range.  When I try forwarding 
> them to abuse at pacbell..net I get a return telling me 
> pb1kana1 at prodigy.net mail box is full and the mail can't be 
> delivered.  Who the heck is pb1kana1 @ prodigy and why is my mail to 
> pac bell abuse going there?  Does anyone have a valid email address 
> for reporting spam from pacific bell?

Ed Truitt
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