[Dshield] Yahoo Credit Card info?

Josh Ballard bal at ksu.edu
Mon Jun 28 20:14:56 GMT 2004

Sounds like a scam to me.  "Hey, send valid credit card information to
<my yahoo address here> and you'll get stolen credit card info back!" 
If this really worked, you wouldn't need to send a valid credit card's
info to this address.  Very likely just a harvester, much like sending
faked Ebay links to get people to put in their usernames and passwords. 
Heck, this person may actually send you back some legit cards just to
make whoever fell for it feel like they aren't getting screwed.  In any
event, sounds like a scam to me.  If you believe this, I've got a cousin
who has some great property for sale... ;)

Josh Ballard
oofle.com Security
Josh at oofle.com

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