[Dshield] OT 419-related and extremely funny

Joe Matusiewicz joem at nist.gov
Tue Jun 29 17:56:22 GMT 2004

At 12:49 PM 6/29/2004, Louis Hablas wrote:
>Here's the leadin to the thread:
>"Last week I was notified by a company in Norway that I had won The New Hope
>Foundation Lottery. For information about this organization check out this
>I new as soon as I received the email that it was all a scam, however soon
>temptation and boredom got the best of me and I decided to claim my
>winnings. I subsequently penned the following letter, and awaited their
>This is long, but will make you laugh hard...

Too bad you missed the last Nigerian Email Conference:


-- Joe

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