[Dshield] New scam??

Michael Thayer mthayer at ts-software.com
Tue Jun 29 19:06:46 GMT 2004

While I am familiar with how the Spanish Prisoner works, my question was 
more about the way it was being introduced.  Certainly more sophisticated 
than an ALL CAPS URGENT LETTER FROM NIGERIA.  Also the amount of money is 
much smaller than most I have seen.  This might actually make it MORE 
plausible to someone than an offer for some unspecified portion 
of  $387,495,000,000,000.00

At 10:25 AM 6/29/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>This is a scam that is as old as the hills.
>The scenario is that not only do you give them plenty of personal information,
>but they will require "fees" etc. in order to press forward with your claim.
>It is very similar to the 411 Nigerian scam.  You will not actually ever 
>have a
>chance of receiving anything, just an endless request for more payments and
>fees to the criminal organization.

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