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your points are well taken and I agree that "successful" and "security" 
are not the same thing. My use of the word "successful" in this context 
simply means that the algorithm in question is good enough that it is 
used  as you point out in the implementation of SSL.  I think that if 
TKIP had been used in the original  802.11 standard instead of  WEP,  we 
would not be having this discussion.  In other words,  similar to the 
Data Encryption Standard (DES) say 20 years ago,  TKIP would have been 
good enough until a) the AES standard was finalized, and b) it could be 
rendered into hardware economically. Unfortunately because that was not 
the case and WEP was introduced instead due to insufficient "crypto" 
know-how among the IEEE 802.11 standards development team, the makers 
of  products based on 802.11 have a credibility hole to dig themselves 
out of and TKIP is stereotyped (if crypto algorithms can be stereotyped) 
with the same negative image as WEP because Web's unfortunate history. I 
am definitely not a cryptologist and I defer to their judgement and 
expertise and so far I have not seen any papers exposing significant 
weaknesses in TKIP.  The success of  TKIP is a matter of no small 
economic  importance because otherwise fork lift upgrades of all of the 
hardware and software throughout the world will be required to achieve 
successful security.

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