[Dshield] SuSe Backdoors?

Steven VanDeBogart steve at bob.reno.nv.us
Tue Mar 2 03:37:21 GMT 2004

Dear WB,
I've been running Suse,8.0,8.2,for about 2 years, run ethereal on a regular 
basis and read the logs daily,before that was Slackware 7.2.
I have NEVER seen a any traffic that was suspicious except inbound.
I think what you are hearing is typical FUD.
just my .02

At 06:48 PM 3/1/04, you wrote:
>A branch of my organization is evaluating using Novell's version of SuSe.
>I've heard rumors that SuSe has built-in backdoors, put there by the
>original developers, to allow access during the development process, and
>they still exist.  Does anyone have any more info on this?
>- WB
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