[Dshield] Trapped in the Email Box

john beck jbeck80 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 3 16:44:11 GMT 2004

Acually there is one, (but it is in the box:) I have heard talk of email 
verification going more than checking for valid domain, ie 
(idiotspammerfakeaddress at hotmail.com) where it checks just that there is 
such a domain as hotmail.com.  The new way is verifying the complete address 
is "real" (not spoofed).  I have heard that companies will post their valid 
addresses for verification in some manner.  But until this is implemented 
widely the mechanism is not going to work (ie can not talk to people who do 
not subscribe to this technology for verification)  And it may be written in 
the smtp protocol (the validation).  I have just heard bits and pieces of 
this.  But I may interject that if we as a company do not accept email from 
(anonymous email; email accounts that can be setup without account 
information sufficient to be held liable= hotmail, yahoo, excite, opposite 
of an isp who knows who you are and can contact you and shut you off).  It 
would cut the spam down.


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