[Dshield] Virus Attchments - Security in Outlook & how to change registry

Steve itmanager at rjl-pensions.com
Wed Mar 3 22:02:10 GMT 2004

Since security is a growing concern with E-mail and viri in attachments
these days.

Does anyone have a quick link to edit the registry to disallow attachments
like .zip and .pif.html etc. for Office 2003 or Office 2000 (Outlook)?

I know how to edit the registry to unblock these attachments, did a Google
search for that but otherwise I need to know how to BLOCK attachments
through Outlook 2003 by editing the registry. Or is there another way?
Global policy? We are running win 2000 server.

I am not in an Exchange environment yet.

Also, are there any free or shareware software that could be downloaded to
over come this problem besides the usual AV programs.

We are using Windows XP pro and 2000.



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