[Dshield] MacIntosh Virus Question

Tom Liston tliston at premmag.com
Fri Mar 5 15:09:40 GMT 2004


That looks to be a MyDoom message, and no, your Mac-using friend needn't 
worry: she didn't send it.  However, someone who has her email address on 
their computer (as well as the email address of the recipient) and who has 
an IP address handed out by someone called direcway.com did.  Perhaps she 
can use that information to figure out who really *is* infected.



On 4 Mar 2004 at 21:40, Fred wrote:

>   Received: from earthlink.net (dpc69190001.direcpc.com [])
>    by a34-mta02.direcway.com
>    (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.2 HotFix 1.12 (built Feb 13 2003))
>    with ESMTP id <0HTP007WNB1HMW at a34-mta02.direcway.com> for

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