[Dshield] A New/Old Scam or what

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Sat Mar 6 06:52:10 GMT 2004


Thank You for that report, Yes Trekblue is an old one.

They are pushing a new advertisement. It supports other probing that I did 
last night without installing any thing. The original precept was they 
offered 1-3+ million popups/popunders/months to targeted audiences.. The 
statement that they can "Automatically Update" Their software Live is 
disconcerting. With the Virus Wars going have they added something New? 
Currently I do not have the computer resources to test that.. Everyone 
should expect it is as hard to kill as Gator or worse.

Thank You


At 10:21 PM 3/5/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Al Reust wrote:
> > Subject: [Dshield] A New/Old Scam or what
> > Be Warned! Please, do not just click on the link(s). You are greeted with a
> > popup dialog box that wants you to scan now! Just Click "OK" or a button
> > that wants you to execute this URL
> >
> > http://www.spywarenukerdownload.com/index.php?id=ward2sc1n*
>I pulled the page down with wget, and saw all I needed to see- Trekblue.
>IMNSHO, pure Spyware/Adware. Quite sometime ago, I found their
>"spywarenuker". This is when I ran Windows. So, being curious about it, I
>downloaded it and began to check it out. If you look very, very carefully,
>in their legal mumbo-jumbo fine print, it says, in plain terms, if you use
>their product, this "spywarenuker", they then have the right to "upgrade
>it" without you knowing (on the grounds that you supposedly gave consent
>by simply using it), can target ads at you (read: Adware), and a bunch of
>unsavory things. I was so shocked that I saved that "legal agreement" from
>them for a long time. I'm not sure if I still have it now, a full
>different OS later, but I'd bet it's on a backup someplace. Besides, even
>if you doubt my experience with them, do you really want to do business
>with a company that attempts to sell their products based on scare
>tactics? Click that "scan my pc link" and you just downloaded file
>'SpywareNukerInstaller.exe'. Scan != Download file. Spybot S&D, Adware-
>those apps are AFAIK freely downloadable and come without the questionable
>background; if you need spyware removers.
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