[Dshield] Good e-mail client?

Laurent Saplairoles lsaplai at telus.net
Sun Mar 7 01:44:59 GMT 2004

On 6 Mar 2004 at 15:40, Pete Cap wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I'm doing a fresh reinstall of XP pro on my box at home and am taking
> the opportunity to install the "right" software from the get-go (e.g.
> OpenOffice).
> Can anyone suggest a good free e-mail client with decent security
> features (e.g. will interact with PGP)?
> Thanks,
> Pete
Hi Pete

I am with Marc on this one: Pegasus Mail (www.pmail.com) is definitely a program for 
you to investigate. On its web site, you will find also the links for the different extensions 
which will allow you to do PGP, GPG, virus scanning... Almost anything else you might 
dream to do is bult into the program :-)
And Pegasus is as free as the air you breath: no trial version, no nagging no disabled 
function, no add, no spying. However, if you come to like, you can, voluntarily, decide to 
dush out a few bucks and purchase a copy of the manuals. That's the only way David 
Harris, its developer, makes money. And he does it because he believes everyone has 
the right to communicate.
(OK, I stop it here, it's starting to sound like propaganda ;-)

I think you are doing the right thing by starting up right away with safe programs.

It's actually been a liitle while now that I am tempted to launch a debate on this list: with 
all the craziness of Bagle, Beagle, beattle and other bug going around, isn't it time that 
we start promoting the use of safe applications. Obviously, education is not enough and 
users keep, and will keep opening anything that they receive by e-mail, as long as it 
looks suspicious ;-)

A program such as Pegasus is not susceptible to any of the usual MS exploit because it 
does not use any MS parts and it will not execute any script. Besided, it protects the 
user from a certain degree of social dumbness by warning on/preventing the opening of 
a certain number of file extensions (configurable). coupled with the excellent Virscan 
extension by Martin Ireland (the extension will force a scan by you AV and/or block 
access to an attachment), it becomes almost impossible to get infected.

Pegasus is probably only a good exemple amongst many other very capable programs.

I am in favour of launching a campaign for the promotion of safe software.

It might be easier in small outlets, such as my employer, but it is possible to convince 
people: my collagues and my boss asked me to put them on Pegasus (and Opera for 
surfing); I did not force it upon them.

Well, my 0.02 Monetary Units anyway ;-)


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