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John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Sun Mar 7 13:46:33 GMT 2004


your idea regarding the promotion of safe software is laudable and 
unassailable. The problem I think is having an objective measure of  
software safety that the average consumer can both understand and 
believe in and that also identifies the interoperability capabilities 
with other software products that may be more or less safe (e.g. 
Openoffice<=>Microsoft Office interoperability).  I haven't had the time 
myself to investigate thoroughly what IBM ( a for profit company if 
there ever was one) is doing with respect to Opensource beyond their 
significant investment in Linux but I suspect that IBM would welcome any 
kind of independent and credible testing organization that could show in 
an unbiased way how a set of similar software products (e.g. email 
clients) compare in terms of their safety. A good place to start on 
something like this might be the Tolly Group 
(http://www.tolly.com/Corporate/Corporate_Home.aspx) whose roots if I am 
not mistaken were in the testing of datacomms products during the mid 
1990's. Better still might be a university sponsored research product 
(and if in the US perhaps with funding from the DHS) that attempts to 
change the paradigm of the discussion regarding relative software 
product safety from  throwing dirt on the products one does not like to 
dealing with facts in a way that people can easily turn into consumer 
action. If Ralph Nader were not currently occupying a slot on the 
presidential ballot in the US he might be interested in taking up such a 
challenge. In fact the more I think about it, it surprises me that none 
of the organizations that he presently is or formerly was associated 
with, have taken up the challenge of this issue.


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