[Dshield] spam-maker program

Jonathan C. Webster jwebster03 at snet.net
Mon Mar 8 05:10:57 GMT 2004

John Draper wrote:
> It's always good to report as much spam as possible.   If you have an Email
> address that gets lots of spam,  then use these spams as a tool to identify
> the infected hosts,  report them,  and hopefully the ISP's can get them 
> shut down.
Are you suggesting that one should forward the whole shovel full back to the abuse address for each 
"Originating IP"?

  Most of the spam "Originating IP"s that I get are in .cn or .kr. Won't they just black hole their 
abuse line?
(A well meaning but uninformed person sent me a web card a couple of years ago.)

Jonathan Webster

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