[Dshield] Good e-mail client?

Buzz info at 4201.com
Mon Mar 8 14:56:56 GMT 2004

Saturday, March 6, 2004, 10:01:19 PM, Pete Cap wrote:

> Hey everyone.
> Thanks for the tips.  I am going to compare Pegasus and Mozilla for a bit.
> As far as promoting the use of "safe" programs...
> Let me head off one argument right away:
> Someone is going to mention that "security through obscurity" is
> not the way to go.  To a certain extent I believe that this is true,
> and that using applications which are not widespread (OpenOffice,
> free mail clients, etc.) in an effort to "dodge" common traps is not
> a very robust solution to security concerns.  


Agreed .. security through obscurity wouldn't be very effective if that was your ONLY defense.  But I feel, it would be a valuable part of a larger plan provided that obsurity isn't the only thing you're counting on.

Open source software is great.  And I understand many people like Pegasus and use it without any problem.  Personally I wasn't happy with Pegasus.  Mozilla is part of a browser and I prefer a free-standing client.  I tried Thunderbird - excellent program - but got tired of reconfiguring my email accounts everytime they released an update - so maybe thunderbird when they get a final release out.

Ritlabs makes a program called the Bat.  It is very much like Outlook  in that it manages many different accounts and allows email templates, tasks, calender, etc.... paid $35 for it and wouldn't trade it for all the free email programs in the world.   The nicest thing about the Bat is the fact that I can configure what attachments are acceptible on a per-machine basis as the restriction is in the client not the server. It supports PGP (will also generate the keys) and has a free full-feature 30 day trial version.   www.ritlabs.com 
Apparently it is considered by some people as a spam-sending program but a look at their web site shows no hint of any spamming tendencies nor does the program behave in any suspicious manner.

Fortunately for me, the people who pay the bills for the small network I manage are very security oriented people.  Once I told her what I did in my machine she happily wrote a check for me to do the same to all her machines (14 of them)  no doubt that attitude would change if the network had 1000 machines.   

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