[Dshield] Good e-mail client?

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Tue Mar 9 01:25:18 GMT 2004

Hello Pete

There are many "softwares" that you can find to do a particular job. Most 
Shareware, Freeware were born from an Individual attempt to accomplish 
something that was left in a vacuum. That vacuum was caused by cost of 
computers and software. Some authors had programing skills and some started 
with Basic, GWBasic etc.. With A Goal! Those roots can be traced back to 
Bill Gates in his Garage with the creation of IBM DOS (I personally liked 
CPM Better). The Majority of those programers never had an idea that they 
could ever be vulnerable in today's Security Threats or how to perform a 
security audit of Code.. The software was written for their use, then 
shared with a friend and somehow managed to get into the world. Blame BBS's 
they were part of that "sharing" of interesting programs that do good 
things. They provided spreading of those types of software back in the mid 
80's. Other "sharing" became notably large and produced revenue for that 
"shared" software.. Look at TUCows now.  Yes there are those that were not 
noted here (ie,. CICA etc.).

During that time an Email program that was born called Eudora. It was 
created from a Grant that allowed the Free version and a professional 
version with added features. Currently the Free Version serves  "value 
added targeted advertisements." The pro version is affordable, and Symantec 
plugs in to protect from virus.  I have paid for the use of the pro version 
for many years and stopped at 5.1 It is configured to NOT show html. Eudora 
has a fairly rich feature set that allows filter email according to what is 
in the headers, or what may be in the body of any message. It can send 
quasi automated "abuse" when you set the filter that this email is SPAM. 
Other than every couple of years I archive mail because the size is just to 
large any more.. I have seen my inbound messages. folders and attachments 
exceed 400+ megabytes. It checks multiple email accounts and will provide 
creation/reply from the specified sender account.. With signatures and 
standard stationary. While I am required for work purposes to use Outlook, 
my "personal" preference is Eudora. While I have not explored the use of 
PKI/PGP their statement is they support PGP.

So while the free version may not be suitable, it may be worth exploring 
the licensing cost for the number of machines that you need.

Two Pennies worth.


At 03:40 PM 3/6/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Greetings all,
>I'm doing a fresh reinstall of XP pro on my box at home and am taking the 
>opportunity to install the "right" software from the get-go (e.g. OpenOffice).
>Can anyone suggest a good free e-mail client with decent security features 
>(e.g. will interact with PGP)?
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