[Dshield] Good e-mail client?

Buzz info at 4201.com
Thu Mar 11 14:17:42 GMT 2004

Thursday, March 11, 2004, 7:14:13 AM, Bob Savage wrote:

> Buzz, please DO post another report when you have some experience
> with it as a network client.  Does your client have its own mail
> server?  If so, which one is it?  Does anybody have any experience
> with this product as a client for Exchange 2K?

> Bob Savage
> IT Manager
> Very small company


Currently the network I'll be putting the Bat on is small and uses very little email partially because of security issues.  The owners know only enough about computers to know they need them and to be scared of the risks.  So it's easy to sell them security especially when you're right.

Currently the email runs on a web-based unix box.  When I make the email changes, I will be installing MailEnable as an email server.  It will be more than adequate for their needs.  www.mailenable.com  Besides the free version is quite good considering it's free.  And The Bat offers the controls that mailenable doesn't (like attachment filters)

On my personal network I run mailenable and have been using the Bat with that - no problems.

No experience with Exchange 2K in any way.

On another note --- Ritlabs also makes a mail server --- BatPost --- and I downloaded it.  It looks like it is highly configurable and probably a very good program but I haven't gotten through the manual & set it up yet, or tried it at all.  But I saw enough to catch my interest, I'll be back to it eventually.  Will stick with MailEnable for now.


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