[Dshield] secure erasing

Graham Dodd g.dodd at falk-ross.de
Fri Mar 12 13:14:48 GMT 2004

Hello Paul,

Thursday, March 11, 2004, 8:07:19 PM, you wrote:

PM> I'm going to be donating some workstations to a local charity and want
PM> to erase the hard drives.  I did a little digging and found
PM> http://www.tolvanen.com/eraser/ .  Has anyone tried this util?  Are
PM> there any other recommendations?  We're not talking high level security
PM> items on any of the disks, I'd just like to make sure they're clean.

PM> Thanx, Paul

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check out Darek's Boot and Nuke at http://dban.sourceforge.net/

I used this when I got rid of a bunch of 386 / 486 computers, it's
simple (I like that) and it works - just stick in the boot floppy or
boot CD and let it do the rest

Best regards,
 Graham                            mailto:g.dodd at falk-ross.de

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