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| I'm going to be donating some workstations to a local charity and want
| to erase the hard drives.  I did a little digging and found
| http://www.tolvanen.com/eraser/ .  Has anyone tried this util?  Are
| there any other recommendations?  We're not talking high level
| security items on any of the disks, I'd just like to make sure
| they're clean. 

Paul et al.

Here is another free product, of which I have good experiences-

Sure Delete Version: 5.1.1


What are Sure Delete's features?

Supports Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP. 
Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS 
Removes entire folders at once. 
Permanent data removal, beyond the possibility of recovery. 
Wipes free space on HD 
Wizard based interface for novice users 
Multiple security levels for the advanced users. 
Free (Donations Encouraged)
Download Now-
I have used it and have been pleased with the performance price ratio of
this free product.

I use a couple of other products as well.

1) For everyday use of cleaning browser cache, recent lists, and alike I
use Internet CleanUp. It is easy to use and quite fast also when using
the shredding option for wiping evidences of files removed.

2) However, for through cleaning, I prefer CyberScrub Professional 3.5.

"Remove all Evidence of your Online Activity 
Erase Previously "Deleted" files 
Purge all traces of Peer2Peer Applications 
Securely Destroy Email

CyberScrub allows you to purge, wipe and erase data with methods that
far exceed US Department of Defense standards for file deletion (DOD

"The extensive erasing capabilities of CyberScrub make sure that not
even a trace remains after erasing data. CyberScrub has a lot of wipe
(overwrite) methods, differing in speed and security.

Among those featured is an advanced 35 wipe method based on the research
of Peter Gutmann.
The fastest ones offer normal security and can stop software recovery
tools. The slower ones match and exceed the specifications of the U.S.
Department of Defense and are designed to prevent recovery by hardware
tools. If you are not satisfied with the existing wipe methods, you can
even define your own wipe methods. Advanced features like verifying each
wipe pass and each disk operation allow CyberScrub to intercept any
failures and inform you if data is not successfully erased."

At: http://www.cyberscrub.com/cyberscrub/index.php

CyberScrub vs. Similar Products
No other product is designed for total protection and ease of use like
View a side by side program comparison! (<= javascript link on the web

CyberScrub vs. Other Data Wipe Erasure Products

McAfee Quick Clean,
On Track Internet Clean Up,
Norton Clean Sweep,
Window Washer,
McAfee PGP Personal Privacy,
BC Wipe,
Eraser by Sami Tolvanen,
Internet Eraser,
Evidence Eliminator,


- Pete

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