[Dshield] Opensource Syslog Software for Microsoft OS

Guillaume Lederrey Gehel-Lists at LedCom.ch
Fri Mar 12 22:18:50 GMT 2004

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John Holmblad wrote:
| does anyone know of an opensource version of  Syslog  management
| software that can run under Windows XP? I am trying to update from the
| combination of the Linksys Logviewer software +  CVTWIN to something
| more robust. My assumption is that I can get the CVTWIN software to
| interoperate with whatever Syslog management software that I  find and
| install in WXP Pro. Any ideas on this will be much appreciated.

~  It's not completely done yet, but I'm working on a Syslog analysis
tool written in Perl. It's called PsychoLog
(http://psycholog.sourceforge.net).  It should be completely portable
under Windows.  The goal is to have a rule based engine to analyse logs.
I wouldnt consider it stable, but I'm already using it. The
documentation is only in French, sorry.

~  The only real problems are the documentation and a database connection
problem between Apache and DBI ...

	Guillaume LEDERREY

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