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| I'm going to be donating some workstations to a local charity and want
| to erase the hard drives.  I did a little digging and found
| http://www.tolvanen.com/eraser/ .  Has anyone tried this util?  Are
| there any other recommendations?  We're not talking high level
| security items on any of the disks, I'd just like to make sure
| they're clean. 

Paul et al.

Please find below pros and cons listing regarding the product you found
and asked to comment.

I would assume that the product made by a fellow-countryman of mine
might suit your purposes.

Possible minus points are the lack of erasure of deleted e-mail and that
Eraser apparently does not remove information from sensitive areas such
as the Windows Recycle Bin or swap/paging file.

by Sami Tolvanen


+ Erase, wipe & overwrite with U.S. DoD methods (5220.22)
+ Advanced methods to stop practical recovery of even the most
sophisticated hardware recovery tools
+ Customizable data erasure overwrite settings
+ Create your own data erasure wipe methods
+ Erase & wipe data on both "normal" and compressed drives
+ Erases, deletes & wipes existing files beyond practical recovery
+ Erase & wipe entire folders with all their subfolders and files
+ Erases & wipes the slack portion of deleted files
+ Ensures no recovery of deleted data or parts thereof (file slack) from
previously deleted files

Cons (does NOT include the following):

- ISAAC Random Generating Algorithm
- Protects your Internet privacy- erases browsing trails you leave
behind: history, cookies, texts, pictures, etc.
- Can help ensure that no one will recover your deleted e-mail
- Removes information from sensitive areas such as the Windows Recycle
Bin or swap/paging file

- Pete

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