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I just caught up with this. Walt Mossberg, a journalist for the Wall 
Street Journal who writes a column on technology, in the article whose 
url is contained in the attached message, puts the security problem 
where it belongs: at the foot of the IT & INFOSEC industry itself. I 
will see if  I can email the article to the list and/or to Johannes 

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PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY, by Walter S. Mossberg
from The Wall Street Journal.

Personal Technology: It's time for the computer, software and Internet
industries to provide a simple, unified protection plan to counter
threats to PCs.


Mossberg's Mailbox: This week Walt Mossberg answers questions about
spyware, backing up media files and the Treo 600.


Read all of Mossberg's columns -- Personal Technology, Mossberg
Solution, Mossberg Report and Mossberg's Mailbox -- plus a 90-day archive at


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