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Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 13:16:40 GMT 2004

Re: Mossberg's article...
Instead of blaming poor drivers, auto manufacturers should spend their energy on making cars that can't crash.
And isn't it about time we started employing State Trooopers who would change my oil and give me a fresh cup of joe when they pull me over?  ...Because I'm tired of having to go to different places to get all the stuff done that needs done concerning my vehicle.  It's all so overwhelming.
Honestly...I think this is part of a larger dynamic and I want to know who signs Mossberg's paycheck.  The tech industry just got done telling Amit Yoran--and therefore, the Fed--to take a hike.  "We'll handle securing infrastructure."  Dynamic #1.  Then there's the question of WHAT security solution will be chosen--and it comes down to, in an essential philosophical sense, Longhorn versus Linux.  It's all about money at this point.

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