[Dshield] WSJ.com - PC Users Deserve A Free, Simple Service To Handle All Threats

Dshield Contributor dshield at pfunkjr.dissimulo.com
Mon Mar 15 15:35:50 GMT 2004

Wow! Thanks for the emailed WSJ story!

Mossberg says:

"If only these stupid users wouldn't open e-mails with hidden viruses, the
techies say, the trouble would go away."

Sounds like a guy who opened an attachment and damaged the WSJ network or
his home system.

We warn users, specifically, not to open attachments unless they were
expecting the attachment and then to check with the sender to make sure that
the sender intended to send such an attachment. Is that so difficult?

My job is to provide systems support to journalists. A computer is a tool of
their trade. Frankly, I'm shocked at the high number of journalists who know
little about the operation of their "tool of their trade." I had a
journalist just one day ago act unkind towards me because I told her that it
was her responsibility to delete files that she no longer needed. These
people have egos the size of Windows XP code.

When I hire a carpenter, I expect him/her to know how to properly operate
and care for their tools. Mr. Mossberg needs to quit expecting us to spoon
feed him. He, like some others, need to take responsibility to follow our
instructions, just as he has to follow instructions when he drives his car.

Someone had posted here earlier that users should have to be licensed before
they are allowed on the Internet. When I read Mossberg's story, I began
thinking of the hands-on portion of the a Internet license test.

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