[Dshield] Obscure Question Part2

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Tue Mar 16 13:55:40 GMT 2004


> What brand of cable modem? Is it Adelphia's house brand?  

House Brand, but not sure what brand that actually is.

> Something seems to be confusing nmap considerably. What was 
> the command line? What OS platform was it run from?

-sT -P0 -O -T, run from Win2K3.  Yes it does seam to take for ever to
run the scan.

> And *other* Aldelphia customers have the same ports "open"?

Yep, scanned another host I know and it showed as the same open ports.

> Kinda a combo cable modem/firewall?

Subject #1. Win2k behind ZoneAlarm.
Subject #2. Small LAN behind a Netgear FVS318

It has to have something to do with the modem management.  An scan run
locally shows nothing open, a scan run remotely shows the the ports
open.  Maybe someone on the list has a little background with cable
modems and can help shed some light on the subject.

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