[Dshield] email blacklisted?

kab00m@vif.com kab00m at vif.com
Tue Mar 16 14:36:00 GMT 2004

To moderator: if you think this is better to be forwarded to list managers
instead of the public list, feel free to do it.

   i would like to know if there is a blackhole on the address ezemcanada.com
and if so, why?
I cant subscribe to the list (in fact re-subcribe) since we got an outage and
got kicked of the net for about 2 days. If its an automated blacklisting, is it
possible to remove the domain or any email addresses from this domain of the

I tried to send an email directly to the list managers but it seems that they
did not received it or they are too busy to answer. thats why i post to the
list, in hope to get a response on this issue.


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